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Honey Bear Latte, is a new feature film based off of the 2017 award winning short film, Talk.

6 lives intersect at a coffee shop on Christmas Eve. Some are hoping for a fresh start, some are at a crossroads and some are in the midst of a painful ending. Will Christmas magic help each of them find what they are looking for or are some things out of reach, no matter how  we wish for them?


    Our Team.

    Fred Zara is an award winning Writer and Director that has been working in the film industry for over 20 years. He has directed three feature films and multiple short films and have screened at film festival all across the U.S.

    Holding a degree in Fine Arts, Erin Laine is an Artist of many mediums, including painting, production design, filmmaking, writing, and songwriting. She studied acting at ClassAct Studio and has many film credits to her name.

    Lukas Hassel is an Actor, Writer, and Filmmaker, living in New York City. Born and raised in Denmark, he studied acting in The Samuel Beckett Theatre School, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. He has appeared in several TV shows, such as the Blacklist (NBC) Blue Bloods (CBS) Limitless (CBS) and film like The Black Room and Art of the Dead.

    Bob Celli has performed in numerous plays in NYC and you can see him in co-starring roles on City on a Hill, FBI: MostWanted, Blacklist, Gotham, and the Onion News Network. He also produced and associate produced a number Off-Off Broadway plays as well as Off Broadway.

    Brandon Hofmann has been acting professionally for more than a decade with credits including the Disney + series, The Right Stuff and the acclaimed short films, It's Snowing Outside and Talk. He also has an extensive live theatre resume that includes roles in Laughter on the 23rd Floor, Singin’ In the Rain and the role of Captain Jack Sparrow at Walt Disney World.

    Tommy Blaze is an actor, writer and stand up comedian that has appeared in numerous motion pictures and television shows including the NBC mega-hit Friends and the movies Rumpelstiltskin, Me Again and Marriage Retreat

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