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Let Award Winning Filmmakers Create Your Marketing Content! 


Five Star Experience


  • Documentary style video, up to 5 Minutes

  • 1 Minute Version of Documentary for social and web

  • 30 second spot Ad for TV, social and Google MB

  • 15 second version of spot

  • All Formatting including social media and Web specifics

  • We will spend up to a week shooting on your location. Documentary includes studio interviews, creative content creation, multiple locations, B-roll, professional voice over, graphics and music. You own and have access to all footage.                                               



Four Star Experience

  • 1 Minute Documentary

  • 30 second Spot (Commercial Ad)

  • 15 second version of Spot

  • Formatting for all media platforms

  • We will spend one day shooting on your location. Documentary includes creative content creation, non studio interviews, one location, B-roll, graphics and music.


Three Star Experience

  • 30 second Spot Ad for all Web Platforms

  • 15 second version

  • Formatting all platforms

  • Half day of shooting, one location MOS. Includes Music, graphics and creative content creation.

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